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5 January 2021
Unsplash © Joel & Jasmin Forestbird

How startups reach new levels of growth

The tricky thing about startup success is it doesn’t happen in a straight line. Look at Amazon, look at Etsy — hell — look at Apple, and compare what those companies are today with what they were at their startup stage. You probably wouldn’t have put much faith into those early companies.

What successful founders understand about startup growth

A little success is actually bad for you

Don’t make your product precious

You’ll stagnate if you keep the status quo

There’s a fine line between growth and mission

Mission is the reason you founded the business. It’s the idea that changes the game, the solution that solves the problem. It’s the reason you get up every morning and go to work.

Be willing to upset people you need

Don’t change for change’s sake

This article was originally published on Medium by Joe Procopio

Joe Procopio is a multi-exit, multi-failure entrepreneur. In 2015, he sold Automated Insights to Vista Equity Partners. In 2013, he sold ExitEvent to Capitol Broadcasting. Before that, he built Intrepid Media, the first social network for writers. You can read more and sign up for his newsletter at