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8 January 2021
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The best entrepreneur-recommended tech tools for business

In recent times, technology has become an integral part of everyday life. Many people have adopted technology intending to make lives easier and better. Similarly, businesses have not been left behind in technological transformations. Many entrepreneurs adopt new technological tools to remain relevant in the market and to be in line with the changing trends in business.


Technology has turned out to be very critical in business regardless of the size of business. The benefits that technology possesses are both tangible and intangible and entrepreneurs look to reap from the massive advantages that come with being technologically competent. The article will discuss some of the tech tools for businesses that are recommended by entrepreneurs.

Synchronised calendar application

Entrepreneurs are known to attend many meetings and meet myriad deadlines while conducting their businesses. For them to maintain and meet the demands of their very tight schedules they require to plan their daily activities properly and professionally. Calendar applications provide a simpler way for entrepreneurs to manage their activities effectively. A good example of the calendar application is the Google Calendar where an entrepreneur can save dates of meetings with clients; know what is to be done and when it’s supposed to be done; write out short important notes that can be used during the meetings. Generally, a calendar application schedules all activities an entrepreneur will be engaged in at specific times.

Scanning application on mobile

“In their daily activities, entrepreneurs often encounter clients who give them documents with details of the deals they are engaged in,” says Michael Taylor, a business writer at Solid Essay and Confident Writers.  Taking too many files can at times be time wasting for the entrepreneur. Many files can also be lost or damaged leading to the loss of very essential information. Mobile scanning applications make it easier for entrepreneurs to exchange files with their clients and prevent loss or damage to documents. An entrepreneur can simply take a picture of the documents, scan it, and file it electronically where it cannot be lost or damaged.

Cloud-based file storage and sharing

The existence of many interactions and meetings of an entrepreneur with clients and business partners leads to the exchange of business files and documents. Most of the business dealings entrepreneurs engage in require documentation for going on record. This increased interaction results in the creation and exchange of many documents that require proper filing. Cloud-based filing and storage give entrepreneurs the capacity to store huge documents that are backed up in a cloud that can be easily accessed at any time. Clouds such as Dropbox give the entrepreneur the capacity to store large business files and share business files on online platforms with relative ease. This type of technology offers entrepreneurs what can be called a virtual moving office which can be accessed from any location and any time convenient for the entrepreneur.

Communication applications

Currently, especially during the pandemic period, face-to-face communication has been highly discouraged. Entrepreneurs have been limited from traveling across the world to undertake their business activities as countries struggle to contain the effect of the coronavirus. The use of communication applications has come in handy where applications such as Zoom and Google Meet are being used by entrepreneurs to conduct business. Such applications have also made it easy to conduct meetings with limited movement. An entrepreneur can attend two to three meetings in a day without having to be physically present which has saved time and reduced cost incurred when traveling and booking meeting venues.


Entrepreneurs are usually engaged in many projects throughout their careers. These engagements bring up the challenge of managing projects through a centralised system. This, however, has been made easier through Trello that helps entrepreneurs keep their businesses organised. The application works through postings where an entrepreneur can post different documents such as checklists, files, and client comments. The application helps entrepreneurs keep a keen track on all the projects they are engaged in to ensure they are running smoothly. “An entrepreneur may also use the application to identify any issues in the projects from a central point and solve them to maintain their smooth running,” says Alexander Burns, Business Development Manager at Bee Student and Paper-Research.


Social media has become an integral part of a business in recent years. Most of the business entrepreneurs engaged in are from clients sourced from social media. Social platforms are slowly turning into engines that drive businesses around the world. These facts have led to the introduction of Hootsuite which is an application that helps manage social media platforms of entrepreneurs. The tool usually schedules most of the social media posts by entrepreneurs to ensure that they are posted at the right time hence optimising for complete engagement and maximum views of the social media posts published.

Proposal software

Business plans and business proposals are very essential and part of integral activities entrepreneurs engage in from time to time. Proposal software is very essential as entrepreneurs use it to automate their writing, sending their proposals, and making a follow up on its progress. A good example of such software is Better which aids in getting a proposal template where an entrepreneur can edit it and then send it to potential investors without having to spend long hours typing one.

In conclusion, tech tools are essential to entrepreneurs in their businesses. These tools are used to simplify doing business for entrepreneurs. However, entrepreneurs need to be updated all the time as new tools are released into the market regularly aimed to ease how people conduct their business activities.

Paul Bates is a business, management and marketing writer for Essay Task and Essay Boom online writing services, where he shares his expert tips and insights with the readers. He is also a part-time editor at Dedicated Writers.

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